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With over 25 years of real estate experience, and 15 years as an instructor, our principal instructor, David Catanzaro, understands the issues and topics critical to succeeding in the industry. He will guide you through course objectives, using real life examples to provide context and understanding. Whether you need clarification of course materials or technical support, David and his team are eager to assist you. We are committed to helping you succeed.

Real Estate Classes

REMI School of Real Estate offers online pre-license and continuing education (CE) courses allowing you to earn your real estate license or continuing education credits at your convenience -- online, 24x7. REMI School understands that you are busy, that your time is precious, and that the classes are required. We get it. We develop our online real estate classes to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Classes are fully narrated while allowing you to review any material at your convenience. The result gives you the best of the classroom experience and leverages the online medium to give you the best of both. At the same time, our courses include content that is useful and valuable to you and your clients. If you are going to have to spend your time taking courses, our feeling is that you should get something useful from it. Our school and online real estate classes get great feedback -- rave reviews from users pleasantly surprised that they learned something useful in a pleasant and enjoyable format. We are confident that you will enjoy our courses too. We survey the market and offer the best priced online real estate courses in the market helping you save money.

The courses incorporate knowledge of local markets -- important because real estate is a local business requiring knowledge of local markets and how they work. All classes are approved by the State and have met the standards for offering prelicense and continuing education. Help is available by phone, email, or online chat. We have combined continuing education courses into convenient, discounted packages to help you easily meet your continuing education requirements. You can customize these packages to include any of our available electives: Simply enroll in the package, and then email us which electives you would like.


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  • Great course at a great price. Not to mention I can do it on my time.

    -- C. Choy

  • Excellent, easy to use, and great audio!

    -- J. Frazier

  • I have highly recommended your online courses to several co-workers. Thank You!

    -- Nancie Martens, RB

  • The course has exceeded my expectations. It was a very clear, easy to use, and had a great presentation. Thanks.

    -- S. Filippone

  • This is the best online CE course I have ever taken. I will be back for the next round of CE's.

    -- T. Abubo

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